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BYOD and the perils of time: how long should student laptops last?
Posted by: Susan Einhorn
With the kids heading back to school, it’s time to ask the serious questions, like what laptop do you buy, and how long until you have to buy another?

Now that your children have returned to school, there’s a pretty good chance you’re being asked to get them a computer. While there are buyers guides, the obvious question is how long will it last?

Unfortunately, the obvious question has a less than obvious answer, as these things can be very hard to gauge, especially as the Bring Your Own Device movement tends to lead into the just as important conundrum: how long until you need to replace the BYOD computer with something else?

It’s a serious dilemma with a just-as-serious expectation, because as your kids work their way through school, there’s a good chance the laptop you arm them with now isn’t likely to be good to them two or three years later.

So what’s a good amount of time for a computer to last?
Source: Pickr (AUS) | Published: February 9th, 2017

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