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CUMMINS: Returning to the one-room school
Posted by: Justina Spencer
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A small, slate blackboard hangs on the wall above the phone in my kitchen where I record important messages. I used to keep stuff stored in my cerebral memory bank, but it went bankrupt year’s ago.

The slate is what my mother used for writing her lessons at the Short Creek one-room school. Back then when the spelling lesson was over, kids spit on the slate, rubbed it off with a sleeve and were then ready to write numbers. I attended a modern four-room school and used a writing tablet and a pencil with an eraser on top, which was an improvement over saliva. The slower kids did as much erasing as writing. Some of my papers looked like they’d been splattered with mud.
Source: New Albany Tribune (IN-USA) | Published: March 15th, 2010

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