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Frequently Asked Questions About 1:1
Author: Anytime Anywhere , Learning Foundation | June 7th, 2013
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Below is a list of questions to which you should have answers that are consistent with both the values and culture of your school, and the vision that you have for your 1:1 initiative. They are the issues, ideas and challenges that can be raised by staff, students, or your parent or business community.

• Will my child have to take the device to school each day? My child already has to take a lot of bags to school anyway for sports, music, and other activities.
• Why do we need devices, anyway? After all, the school has considerable resources and many students have access to a laptop or tablet at home.
• Why not just use smartphones? Why a laptop, not a tablet? (Or a tablet instead of a laptop?)
• What technology skills will be taught this year and when?
• Will total conformity in equipment be required?
• What software/apps will be used?
• Will the software/apps used on the device be the same as that currently being used at school? If not, when will training start?

• Will you keep us informed about the integration of the devices into the curriculum? How?
• How many classes will the devices be used in?
• What percentage of the school day will the kids use their devices?
• Will you evaluate learning outcomes differently?
• How will the overall program be evaluated?
• How will you prepare the teachers?

• What purchase/rental plans does the school offer?
• How will the program be financed? What interest rate are we paying over the period of the loan?
• What does the insurance cover? What doesn't it cover?
• How will the payment of the deductible be handled?
• Can the school get group insurance for these devices?
• Wouldn't my household insurance cover the device?
• What's the life expectancy of the devices? What about the software/apps?

• What are the pricing details and their options?
• Will the school purchase the hardware in bulk to reduce costs?
• I have twins in the grade taking this program. Is there a discount for buying two devices?
• I would like my child to be involved in the program, but I can't afford to make the monthly payments. Is there any support for parents in my position?
• I just purchased a laptop (tablet) for my child at home, why should I buy another?
• I don't have access to the internet at home and can't afford it. How will my child be able to connect to the Internet outside of school?

• What security and virus-checking procedures will be implemented?
• How often will these virus-checking programs be upgraded?

• Aside from word processing and accessing data, what advantage is there in using computers for other areas of the curriculum, such as mathematical analysis, science, and history?
• What about handwriting? Won't my child's handwriting suffer from using a keyboard all day long?
• Won't the students be able to cheat by using the spelling checker? What effect will that have on their spelling skills?
• Don't computers isolate kids?

• Will the school have wifi? Is wifi dangerous healthwise? Is it an electromagnetic or radiation hazard?
• How will you ensure that the weight of my child's backpack when traveling back and forth to school won't be too great, thus creating a health risk?

• How does the school plan to use the Internet?
• Do students currently have access to the web?
• Is the school library making use of the Internet?
• What provisions will there be for printing?
• How are the students expected to charge their laptop batteries?

• Is it possible to use (a different brand) device?
• I have a (different brand/OS) printer at home. Will my child be able to use it with the device?
• Will my child be able to transfer files from my home computer on another platform onto these devices?
• Why aren't you recommending Apple Macintosh (or Windows) devices?
• Why specify a particular brand of device?

• What will be done to ensure that the hardware and software get updated in a timely and cost- effective manner to keep up with developments in technology?
• Will there be a change in the demands on equipment and software? How soon is such a change likely to take place?
• How long before the devices and software/apps need to be replaced or upgraded?
• If there is a change in the required equipment, how will teachers be able to teach new technology applications if the students' equipment is out-of-date?
• Technology advances very quickly. What level of hardware and software are parents expected to buy?
• How long will it be before you require us to replace (or upgrade) the hardware or software?
• Who is to use the device?
• When does the school intend to introduce laptops/tablets for the entire school?
• If not now, when will students in other grades begin using laptops/tablets? Aren't those other grades missing out?

• Even with the best intentions, children still lose things. How do we cope with a lost device?
• Student lockers are inadequate for storing devices safely. How will the school deal with this problem? Will there be a secure place at school to store the device during lunch/sports/etc?
• How do we ensure the personal safety of the students carrying these valuable items in public?

• How can I protect my child from cyberbullying?
• What about the dangers of internet predators? How can my child be protected?
• Will there be filters on the devices? Will these also be applied when the device is at home?
• In school, will students be allowed to use Facebook? Youtube? Other social media? Games? What about at home?
• How do I make sure my child isn't viewing inappropriate sites?
• Will you help students learn about online privacy issues?

• Do you have tips for parents on managing use of the device when they are at home?
• How do I keep my child from playing games extensively on the device?

• Who will be servicing the devices? How long will it take to complete repairs and have a device back to the student?
• How do you decide if a repair is a warranty or an insurance claim?
• Is the school going to offer any service or support facilities?
• Will we be charged an extra fee after a certain number of repairs?
• Will you use students to help with any of the technical support?
• What if I can't connect to the internet at home - will there be any support services offered by the school that I can contact for assistance?

• Will students be working collaboratively? If so, you will need to provide a way for them to send messages and files to each other?
• Do you want to establish a central store of information that will be available to all students? How will students connect their devices to the server?
• How will students connect to printers, scanners, digital cameras, and projectors?
• How will students charge their batteries if the batteries run low during class?
• What level of security do you need to regulate student browsing of the Internet?
• What level of security do you need to safeguard your network against unwanted access from the Internet or other sources outside the school?
• Do you want to create a network over which students can communicate with teachers? If so, how will you establish a secure environment for the teachers' devices?
• What type of network access do you want your students to have? Should students be able to change or delete files on other PCs and devices?
• Should students be able to change hardware settings on their devices?
• Do you want to provide e-mail so that students and teachers can send files and attachments, for example, homework assignments to students who aren't in the classroom? Or do you want to restrict e-mail to in-school use only?

• Will the devies have any form of peer-to-peer connection ( e.g., Bluetooth), or will they connect to a server?
• Will you establish a LAN (local area network) at each school site?
• Which devices will be connected to the network?
• Do you have an existing LAN to which you want to connect your devices?
• If your plan includes more than one school, will your schools be connected over a WAN (wide area network) and will this allow for internet filtering?
• How will you make the trade-off between increased bandwidth and increased cost of cabling?

When selecting software/apps, it is important to consider the following questions.
• What are your educational objectives of each class, and will the software/apps support these objectives?
• Do the software/apps have enough functionality to support both your present and future needs?
• Is the software an integrated suite of products that can be expected to work well together?
• Can you minimize the number of manufacturers that you have to deal with?
• Are you selecting the type of software/apps that your students will encounter and have to be familiar with in the business world?
• What is the quality and reputation of the software products?
• Will the software/apps come preloaded, or will you need to set up the devices yourself?
• Can my child add programs or apps to the device?

• How much hard disk space will you need for students? Whose responsibility will it be to back-up? The students or the schools? How will the backups be managed?
• What processor speed will be sufficient to run the applications you've selected? How much RAM will your applications require?
• What other peripherals are needed? Headphones? Keyboards? Stylus?
• What about wireless and Ethernet connectivity?
• What is the minimum warranty? The warranty length should be the same as the lease length, generally, three years.
• What is the absolute minimum battery life and maximum device weight?
• How comfortable are you about the durability of the devices you have selected? Will they last 3 or 4 years in students' hands?
• How will you get the equipment fixed and install new hardware or software? How have you selected your channel partner?
• Which software/apps comes pre-installed on the devices?
• In terms of the partnership, what type of commitment to education does the manufacturer have? What is its experience in the educational market and specifically with 1:1 programs in schools?
• In terms of the program, are you receiving more than devices when you purchase from your chosen manufacturer? Does it have a specific and complete program for schools implementing 1:1 programs?

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