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Raising Modern Learners
Author: Will Richardson, Raising Modern Learners | October 2nd, 2013

Raising Modern LearnersAs a parent, it's getting harder and harder to stay abreast of the immense changes that technology and the Web are bringing to learning and education. How young is too young to be using an iPad? What are the emerging new options in higher education? Why is the Maker Movement an important new context for learning? What does it mean to be literate today? And much more.

The Raising Modern Learners Newsletter is our attempt to curate the most relevant, interesting, and useful news articles and blog posts relating to the changing face of learning. Our goal is to provide a new context for thinking about schooling now that the sum of human knowledge (almost) and a few billion potential teachers are at our fingertips. We need schools to perform a different function today, not just be "better" at the traditional experience that most of us took part in. We need them to be places where our kids engage in asking big questions (since answers are everywhere,) where they connect with other experts and students from around the world who can help them answer those questions, and where they can create beautiful, meaningful, relevant pieces of work that can be shared with a global audience. That's not just the promise of the Web and the technologies that drive it. That's what the future holds for our kids, a future that is increasingly complex and transparent, one that requires a whole new set of literacies, skills, and dispositions.

As parents, we need to be at the heart of that change conversation. But we need to enter that conversation with a clear understanding of what is changing, not just in schools but in the workforce, with technology, and in institutions outside of education. We've come to firmly believe that without a modern context for all of our school-centered conversations, we can't participate in fully relevant ways. That's why we continue to see so much money spent on technology in schools that at the end of the day does little to support our children to become the learners they need to be. An iPad is an expensive tool to use just to deliver worksheets and digital books.

Today, learning is in the hands of our children in ways that most of us could only have dreamed about. It's an amazing time. But it's also completely overwhelming. We're hoping we can help with that. We invite you to join our thousands of subscribers, and to tell your parent friends as well.

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