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2008 Report on The Eastern Townships School Board Dennis McCullough Initiative- Enhanced Learning Strategy Survey
Author: Eastern Townships School Board | January 1st, 2008

Key Findings:

For Students:

# A large majority of the students would like to see the Enhanced Learning Strategy continue in the Eastern Townships School Board.
# Students strongly believe that laptop use and access to the internet makes research easier
# Laptops make school work more interesting.
# A majority of students believes that using the laptop helps them do better in their schoolwork.
# Secondary students report higher use for homework as well as for personal reasons including games, email and music.

For Teachers:

# The majority of teachers believe that the ELS should be continued.
# Teachers report that the laptop is a tool that helps students do research, that laptops make schoolwork more interesting and that the laptops help the students learn.
# Important problems for teachers include the fact that not every student brings his or her laptop to class every day, high repair rates and their need for additional training.

For Administrators:

# They believe that the ELS makes schoolwork more interesting for students, helps students make connections between their learning and real life, that laptops help students learn and helps students conduct research on the internet. This group believes that the ELS should continue.

For Parents:

# The parents support the ELS and support the continuation of the ELS for the future and believe the laptop is a tool that helps their child’s education.
# A majority of parents state that the school provides the instructional support needed to use the laptop.

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