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The Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation

Transforming Learning Through Universal Access to Technology

The goal of the Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation (AALF) is to ensure that all children have access to unlimited opportunities to learn anytime and anywhere and that they have the tools that make this possible. To achieve this, AALF helps schools develop visionary leadership and knowledgeable, innovative educators.

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AALF is governed by a Board of Directors.

Who We Are:

The effective and contributing global citizens of tomorrow will be digitally fluent lifelong learners who participate fully in every aspect of social and economic life. These leaders must be granted an education that fosters their innate motivation to learn, encourages academic rigor through relevant application, and connects them with the world they will enter. They will be Anytime Anywhere Learners.

Anytime Anywhere Learners will come of age in 1:1 environments where government agencies, nonprofits, corporations, and schools will put personal computing devices in the hands of every student and educator. The challenge is to support this investment by structuring education to provide students with meaningful tasks that require them to think about, construct, and share ideas in a connected world. The Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation strongly believes that the equitable distribution of educational opportunities will give rise to the innovators of tomorrow.

Founded in 2004 by Bruce Dixon and other like-minded educators, the Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation rises to this challenge. Technology plays a vital and significant role in the lives of our students but technology alone is not enough. To make this picture a reality, today's students must learn differently. They must be granted an education that fosters their innate motivation to learn, that encourages academic rigor through relevant application, and that connects them with the world they will enter. This approach is often called 'anytime anywhere learning.'

To take part in anytime, anywhere learning, students must be provided with:

*A constructivist, international education where meaningful tasks subsume curriculum objectives.

* A personal, portable computer with which to think about, construct and share ideas.

As with any large-scale change, the 1:1 transformation is not without obstacles and opportunities. AALF minimizes these obstacles by demonstrating successful models and best-practices, and by examining the problems and subsequent solutions developed by other schools and districts. AALF maximizes the limitless opportunities 1:1 offers by linking participants to each other and to like-minded social networks. As a result, innovations in 1:1 learning can be shared anytime and anywhere.

What We Do:

Since its inception, the Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation has regularly offered a variety of programs and services to support 1:1 schools and districts including:

* conferences and conference programming around 1:1 and re-imagining learning in a digital age

* institutes and academies

* leadership mentoring and coaching services

* online courses for teachers and teacher leaders

These programs focus on 1:1 planning, development of coaching skills, and helping educators rethink curriculum in order to develop truly transformative 1:1 pedagogy.

AALF works with both US and global organizations, such as the World Bank, IdeasLAB of Australia, and Education Impact, to organize both face-to-face and virtual international summits that bring together practitioners and thought leaders in 21st century learning. In 2012, AALF President Bruce Dixon and AALF Executive Director Susan Einhorn also assisted in the development of the book Innovate! Collective Wisdom From Innovative Schools. In 2016, AALF published #AnytimeAnywhereLearners: A Blueprint for Transforming Where, When, and How Young People Learn.

AALF members are committed to making anytime, anywhere learning a reality for all students. We believe that this release of human potential is in the best interest of our children and society. Through the AALF, members access research, resources and a professional network, and create strong, sustainable, learning-driven, 1:1 learning environments.

The Foundation focuses on:

1. promoting the effective use of personal, portable digital devices and associated technologies in building powerful learning experiences;

2. creating and sustaining a community interested in universal access to personal computers and associated technologies for learning and their potential for transforming where, when, and how young people learn;

3. educating school leaders regarding rethinking learning and teaching made possible through the ubiquitous use of technology;

4. serving as an information clearinghouse for educators, policy-makers, industry and members of the media interested in 1:1 learning and teaching; and

5. public awareness regarding the benefits of universal access to technology.

The Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation recognizes the vital and significant role that technology plays in the lives of our students and believes universal access to that same technology in well-developed learning situations impacts student achievement significantly.

The Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation works to promote and support the strategies necessary to enable the provision of mobile computers to students for use in their learning environments.

The Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation works to support teachers with access to excellent resources that complement and build upon 1-to-1 student access to technology.



Bruce Dixon, Founder and President

Susan Einhorn, Executive Director

Karen Ward, Manager, Coaching and Professional Learning Services


Our Funding Model

AALF is an independent revenue-generating nonprofit organization that utilizes a straightforward revenue model to sustain and advance its work nationwide.

AALF's revenue comes from its work with clients on a fee-for-service basis, both in the area of school and district support services and the development of materials to benefit educators around the world. This approach means AALF is always focused on meeting the needs of its clients, whether schools, districts, or individual educators, while continually assessing the value and cost-effectiveness of its services and materials.



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