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AALF Coaching and Professional Development Services

For schools and districts considering 1:1...

Are you...

* Thinking about a 1:1 initiative, but don't know where to start?

* Seeking assistance in implementing you 1:1 program?

* Looking for someone to meet with your school board to explain the benefits of 1:1?

* Not sure whether your school or District can undertake a 1:1 program?

For schools and districts with 1:1...

Are you...

* Interested in learning about 1:1 pedagogy and accompanying practices that result in highly effective instruction?

* Seeking assistance to develop appropriate professional development courses to build pedagogy in a technology-enriched school?

* Searching for ways to incorporate opportunities for Student Voice in your school?

* Looking for ways to develop effective 1:1 practices for English Language Learners? In various curriculum areas?

Expert advice is now available, through the AALF Coaching and Professional Development Services. AALF can provide your school or district with access to leading 1:1 practitioners with the experience and knowledge it needs.

Our goal is to ensure all children have access to unlimited opportunities to learn anytime, anywhere, and that they have the tools to make that access possible. To achieve that, we aim to help schools develop visionary leadership and knowledgeable and innovative educators. Through the AALF Coaching and Professional Development Services, AALF helps educators build their capacity to understand the issues and opportunities that 1:1 offers as well as the best possible manner in which leaders should address them, lead pedagogical improvement and innovation, and make informed decisions about technology and the appropriateness of its use.

AALF Coaching and Professional Development Services adds an important dimension to our Foundation's support services for educational leaders and practitioners. With the proliferation of 1:1 initiatives, there is a need for a global point of contact for schools, districts, regional, and government leaders seeking trusted advice borne from a depth of experience in initiating and supporting 1:1 programs and the rethinking of learning and teaching practice in a technology-rich environment. AALF Coaching and Professional Development Services offers just that.

Note: Currently, face-to-face AALF Coaching and Professional Development Services are available in the United States and Canada only. We are working on expanding our services to other countries in the near future. Virtual coaching is available worldwide.

Coaching/Mentoring Services

"The idea of all children increasing their opportunities for learning, anywhere, anytime, has now come. This is no longer something that people are discussing "if" it should happen; it is only a question of when." (Bruce Dixon, President AALF, April 2008, District Administration).

As a leader or teacher you may be inquiring, "Where do I start? How do I 'build' our current program to the next level? Where can I go for personalized support in creating, building or sustaining highly effective 1:1 learning and teaching experiences?" The additional support needed to address your 1:1 issues is very specialized and must be effective and efficient. With this in mind, you should consider employing an AALF Coach or Mentor.

AALF Coaching/Mentoring Services are designed to provide ongoing support for educators and policy makers at the school, district, state or country level. AALF coaches and mentors represent a broad range of educators who bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and training with them, as they become partners in 1:1 schools. Working with individual leaders as well as teams of educators, AALF coaches and mentors provide the following on-going support package, designed according to your needs and budget:

1. Face-to-face coaching/mentoring at the school or site.

2. Additional coaching/mentoring support via Web 2.0 or telephone.

3. Access to a team of educator consultants who can provide specific services tailored to your school's needs.

4. Web 2.0 professional development program provided by recognized 1:1 leaders and teachers for a selected group of educators on campus.

Additional Professional Development Services

AALF works with a number of consultants who are skilled educational professionals with the flexibility to meet your needs for specific events or targeted professional development sessions. Sample consultant activities may include:

* Planning your 1:1 investment (including logistics)

* Preparing your teachers for the arrival of laptops/notebooks/tablets

* Designing and leading short-term and ongoing professional development activities

* Inspiring existing 1:1 educators to sustain classroom innovation

More Information

For more information, click here. or contact Susan Einhorn (seinhorn@aalf.org or 425-502-6900).