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Frequently Asked Questions

1 : How do I become a member?

Joining AALF is straightforward. You simply fill in an online form and submit it to us. Your account will be automatically created. You will receive an email welcoming you to AALF and instruct you on membership rights and responsibilities.

2. Is there a fee to join AALF?

We want the Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation community to be active, connected, and relevant; for that to be a reality, we need you and your colleagues to engage and contribute.

In turn, we are structuring membership around that contribution. Your most valuable contribution is a commitment to sharing your expertise, insights, and experiences with us to expand anytime, anywhere learning to truly global proportions. That ongoing contribution will now become your "dues"; think of this as activity-based membership, where value represents more than monetary means.

3. What are some of AALF's programs and services?

AALF provides several different types of programs and services, including:

* Speaking at conferences and providing conference programming focused on 1-to-1 vision and leadership, writing articles and responding to issues raised in the media, meeting with government leaders to promote AAL;

* Providing a community website to encourage collaboration and the sharing of knowledge between schools and districts that have or will be implementing a 1-to-1 program and who are creating innovative school learning cultures;

* Summits, Institutes, and Academies designed to support educators and educational leadership as they learn about and implement AAL;

* Coaching and consulting services;

* Developing and providing various materials (checklists, financial modeling tools, videos) and tools for developing your AAL program.

4. Do you need to be a member to take advantage of these services and programs?

Any school or district can send educators to an AALF Summit, Institute, or Academy, register for an online institute or professional development course, or contract for consulting or coaching services. You must be an AALF member to add a blog, leave comments on the web site, set-up a community group, or add articles to the website.

5. Are there fees for these programs and, if yes, is there any financial support available?

Cost-recovery fees are charged for summits, institutes, academies and consulting and coaching services. The Foundation works to keep these fees as low as possible.

6. In what ways can I contribute?

* Post a blog about 1-to-1 learning, innovative programs, your thoughts on the big challenges and/or rewards of 1-to-1;

* contact AALF concerning your school's 1-to-1 implementation story in order for us to include it in the Global Storybook. Focus particularly on unique challenges you may have had and how you solved them, or describe some obstacle you overcame in a unique or innovative way;

* join a community and share your questions, ideas, and experience with other community members;

* suggest appropriate research and other resources;

* write an article for our website;

* be an advocate for 1-to-1 learning in your community and in the education community.