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Susan Einhorn

Susan PictureSusan Einhorn
AALF Executive Director

Susan Einhorn, Executive Director of AALF since 2007, has been involved in education and educational technology for close to thirty years.

Prior to 2007, Einhorn was the President of Logo Computer Systems Inc, an educational software company. While at LCSI, Einhorn was instrumental in the development of constructivist educational software and had been actively involved in international educational technology activities. Starting in the early 80's as a Product Designer and Editor at LCSI (Logo Computer Systems Inc), the company responsible for the first LEGO/Logo robotics software and MicroWorlds products, Einhorn held various management positions, before becoming President of the company. Einhorn had the opportunity to work closely with educational technology pioneer Professor Seymour Papert and other leading members of the MIT Media Lab to develop new constructivist educational initiatives and products. She was also responsible for a number of distribution and development deals with global corporations such as IBM Latin America and LEGO as well as initiating opportunities with school boards and Ministries of Education across the United States, Latin American, and Europe.

In addition to participating on the design team for numerous education products, Einhorn authored and edited more than a dozen books for students and teachers on how to develop cross-curricular projects with various LCSI products, including LogoWriter and MicroWorlds. She lead numerous workshops around the US and Canada and spoke at various education conferences, including the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC), the National Conference of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), and many regional conferences in North America.