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1:1 Pedagogy statement
October 27, 2011 @ 05:48 PM

I believe that a 1:1 Program will change our classroom environment. It will enable us to empower students to gain the necessary skills to engage safely in both their academic and social worlds. Students will have the opportunity to engage with technology in their learning through options such as choice in task, independent or self-directed learning and collaboration to problem solve and think critically. The classroom learning will be opened up to be anywhere, anyplace, anytime, any pace. There will be a shift in the teacher student relationship where we will all be learning together, side by side, in a 1:1 program.

As a teacher I will learn as much as possible about incorporating the best tools to help bring about this change. I will use organizational tools such as Moodle and One note to help facilitate self directed learning for students and staff.
I will be supportive of staff as they move along their 1:1 journey at different rates and provide a safe environment in which they can develop their skills. I will provide staff with opportunities to learn and consolidate their skills in embedding 21st century skills with their students.

My belief for students is that will become ‘deeper’ users of technology practice and they will have the opportunity to be more engaged and have more control of their learning.

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